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The Frontlines of Influencer Marketing - February 2017 - #5

2/16/17 – 20-year-old Influencer Raises a Million Dollars + YouTube Goes Live and More!


2/16/17 – 20-year-old Influencer Raises a Million Dollars + YouTube Goes Live and More!


As December was a time for looking back, January is naturally a time for looking forward. As a company, we thought about what we wanted to accomplish in the coming year. Part of that is asking ourselves tough questions – because in this industry, the competitive edge you may have had last year could be null and void the next. One such question that comes up every year is WHY US? With the many alternatives out there, what makes us unique as a company (not in 2016 but in 2017)?

Thankfully, I was able to come up with some answers I was genuinely happy with, but at the very top of the list was not our competitive rates, our detailed analytics, or our relationships with 1000s of influencers. It wasn’t our technology, our tracking of emerging platforms, our years of experience nor our unique creative spin to help create viral content

It is the fact that we truly and honestly CARE about the success of these campaigns. We are passionate about helping companies (both big and small) succeed. And when that happens, we all walk back home with a spring in our step. When we don’t meet our own internal level of expectations, we walk home with a determination to re-evaluate what went wrong and to assure ourselves we’ll do better next time. I’m proud to say that in the majority (not all) of the campaigns we’ve done recently, we have significantly under promised and over delivered.

As competition in this space heats up, I want people to think of us as the warm and fuzzy company – the one who provides individualized attention. We’re not low touch – we’re high touch, and we like it that way because we feel that companies (whether they know it or not) truly need that. And even as we do develop more technology, we will always keep that high touch component.

We know you need more than just a do-it-yourself platform. You need a real partner to help you break through the noise and make a difference – because an amazing product or service will never survive without excellent marketing – and that requires a certain level of expertise.

But it doesn’t end at warm and fuzzy. We’re now offering guaranteed results in terms of either video views or engagement. This means that no matter what happens within the campaign, you will never fall below a certain threshold. Currently, 53% of businesses do not know whether social media is working for them. We aim to help solve that problem.

We’re also being a lot more hands-on creatively. Instead of simply leaving it up to the influencers to come up with ideas, we’re developing them internally and coming up with an overriding theme for the campaigns we feel will generate the most engagement.

We’re excited about 2017, and we invite you to join us on our journey in whatever capacity you think is the best fit for you.

–Evan Aaronson (President of Boomopolis)





As the Oscar nominations recently were announced and as the award show approaches – a question comes up. With all the attention digital media has received – will an entity like a YouTube ever produce content that is Oscar quality? Will we ever see dramas like Fences or Lion on YouTube? Can Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat produce the next Meryl Streep or Robert Deniro? I’m sure that’s a laughable question to some of you, but in a couple of years – who knows? Barbara Kopple is a two-time Academy Award-winning director, and her project, This Is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous, was the first-ever YouTube Red project to premiere as an official selection at Sundance. You can read more about it here.





I ran into my old pal, Jake Paul (influencer and star on a Disney Channel TV show), over at the YouTube space a few weeks ago (along with a photobomber), and we caught up on what he was up to.
We all know the accelerator business model such as Tech Stars or 500 Startups. A company invests anywhere from $20K to $100K in a group of early stage startups – gives them an office, makes valuable introductions to mentors, lights a fire under their ass, and in exchange – gets a certain percentage of the company.
They’re of course taking a gamble that a certain small percentage of them will hit home runs.  Well, Jake, has managed to raise 1 million+ dollars in funding to have an accelerator for influencers (not bad for a 20-year-old.) It works the same way. The up and coming influencer has the option to live with Jake and his pals and basically piggyback on his large growing following by appearing in his videos, etc.- essentially being mentored by Jake.
Jake’s company, Teamdom, handles all the deals for the influencers as well and takes a percentage for a certain amount of time. Jake told me it’s not too different than what Dr. Dre did with Eminem, Snoop Dog and some of other acts under his music label. (Of course, TV Networks have been doing this for years with the whole SPIN OFF idea.)  Jake, you’ve come a long way since Boomopolis gave you your very first brand deal back in 2014.



Occasionally, I stumble across an influencer campaign or a new client who had done one on their own, and I can’t help but ask myself – what were they thinking?

I see them choosing the wrong influencers, posting inadequate content, and most often, overpaying for very low engagement.

Most people wouldn’t attempt to fix their own leaky pipe and broken garage door. They’d hire the appropriate contractor to do it correctly. And influencer marketing is no different. Although it’s a new industry, Boomopolis has years of experience, and we develop an overall strategy for the entire campaign. We also know which influencers will work and which ones won’t.

We generally use influencers who have the 3 top qualities to get the best ROI for the companies we work with: creativity, affordability, and reliability. Other elements include: *their following *their engagement *how targeted they are *how expensive they are *how easy they are to work with *how creative their posts are there *and their availability to advertise your product. We look at all these elements and try to choose the best ones which will fit within your budget and give you the biggest bang for your buck.


• Adding simple emojis to Instagram posts can increase engagement by 17%.

• 76 percent of brands find themselves as beginners engaging consumers with influencer video content.

• 45% of brands are spending less than 10 percent of their digital budgets on Influencer Marketing; 51 percent, however, will “significantly increase” their investment in 2017.

• 82% of brands plan to invest more in video content for Influencer Marketing campaigns.

• Overall marketing budget devoted to social media is expected to more than double over the next five years, from 11 percent now to 24 percent by 2020.




I had the opportunity to hang with a bunch of influencers at the YouTube Space a few weeks ago. Besides the fact that YouTube will have a new LIVE feature, there were a few other nifty goodies they gave us (besides those yummy cupcakes pictured). Here are the highlights:

*60% of YouTube is watched on Mobile.
*1/3rd of YouTubers upload from Mobile.
*For YouTube, Watch Time is more important than views on YouTube, and you actually get additional credit for any video your fans watch on YouTube after viewing yours.

-Beyonce is a copycat with the help of YouTube. Beyonce has basically lifted, borrowed, or stolen basically everything she’s ever done from music to videos to photo shoots. She did this by browsing videos on YouTube. My only issue is that if you’re going to steal from someone, you really have to give them credit – ala “inspired by”. Beyonce’s high-profile would then lift up the lesser known artist. Beyonce unfortunately only does that when she’s threatened with lawsuits.

Lastly, my own take – YouTube needs to get these influencers on their good side and very soon as Facebook will be trying to lure these influencers in with monetization tools. They played with it in 2016 and then bailed – now with the Zuckster’s recent announcement that he’s so bullish on video, I expect to see monetization for influencers by the end of 2017. It’ll be a war between the two of them. I advised YouTube that if they want to win this war, they could do something that will cost them very little – and something which Facebook is not great at – being cool, friendly and having an available ear to the influencer (via phone) – something which is HUGELY undervalued in this day and age. More here.




We were very excited to help get exposure for this book that we think every parent should read – including myself.  We booked  9 Moms and Dads including Nia Rader (above), Jason Nash, Ken LeBrant, ThriftyNiftyMommy, How Does She, Christi Lukasiak, Brittlestar, Josh Darnit and Savannah Soutas. Some of these posts are still live, and if you click on their names, you can see what they did.

This was also our very first campaign to include Pinterest, and we look forward to many more. Other platforms included Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. As far as results, we definitely under promised and over delivered on this one – a few examples below and a new case study on our website soon:

Influencer 1 Pic: Goal 12,600 Engagement / Actual 37,200 Engagements
Influencer 2 Pic: Goal 343 Engagements / Actual 1400 Engagements
Influencer 3 Video: Goal 22,000 Views / Actual: 40,000 Views


THE BYE BYE MAN – We activated 3 influencers (Ronnie Banks, Reggie Couz, and Special K) over a 2 day period to promote this horror flick. They each did roughly 6 Snaps (along with Instagram Stories) highlighting the various Bye Bye Man Snap Filters – and wow, did Snapchat come up with some cool filters for that one. We ended up with over 2.2 million views (at a very reasonable price I might add). We also think this resulted in some nice ticket sales.

MOSTLY SUNNY – Lucky Bria and Chrissy – we sent them to a fun premiere to promote what looks like a great film about a porn star who becomes a Bollywood star.

KINGDOM OF AVALON – We activated 7 influencers to promote this fun game – Curtis Lepore, Brandon Zingale, Jason Coffee, Panderz, Jack DiGiovanni, Jimmy Murrill and Trey Kennedy – we thank them all for some very creative posts – one of which got over 53,000 Views within 24 hours (for an influencer with 310K followers at the time). We actually quintupled (5 times) our goal on that one. Check out Trey’s content above.


CLAPIT – What a fun app – sort of like American Idol – only on your mobile device. If you like the singer or dancer then you simply clap for them. The one who gets the most claps after a month gets flown to New York or Los Angeles and gets mentored by an established singer or dancer.

Influencers included Instagrammers Natalie Aley and Conner Bobay, Musically stars Paris Reneau and Julia Raleigh, superstar dancer Chloe Lukasiak and 3 more. We were excited to deliver over 160,000 engagements… and A LOT of bonus promotions at no charge.






Disney, YouTube, Cut Ties with PewDie Pie (Highest Paid YouTube Star of 2016) Over Anti-Semitic Videos
One of the biggest digital influencers there is has now been dethroned.

Vine Camera App Replaced Vine on January 17th
Then the app still gives you the ability to create 6-second looping videos, but you have to upload them onto Twitter if you want to share them with your followers or simply save it on your phone.

Edited Facebook Posts Are No Longer Labeled as Edited

Snapchat Gets New Layout /Search Bar
The search bar at the top is now accessible from wherever you are on the app. This new design helps make it easier to start Snapchatting and connecting with your friends.

Musically Adds Categories
Musically now gives its users the chance to be recognized in certain categories such as Comedy, Animals, Talent, Sports, Style and Gaming and others.

YouTube Red Courts Conan Obrien

Facebook Copies Snapchat with Stories and Filters

YouTube Announces Super Chat
As of January of this year, YouTube announced Super Chat which works on the same model as – users purchase highlighted mentions during livestreams in the hopes of attracting the attention of the Creators.)


(and We Can Help !)


So I’ve mentioned this in previous newsletters, but it’s worth bringing up again. We are now in an age where every consumer-facing company – from Betty Crocker to Random House to Home Depot to small startups needs to have a separate media division. Pepsi, Starbucks and Marriot and have done it, and within a few years, it will become not just be a nice add-on (as websites were back in the late 90s), but a necessity for all companies. This means creating videos regularly, developing strategies to distribute them, utilizing influencers and being active members in the new digital landscape.

This can feel overwhelming at times for companies that never had any intention to get involved in entertainment – and that’s where we can help. We can consult with you to help your organization create this division or alternatively, you can outsource the work to us – we can pitch you some creative ideas as well as a strategy, and if approved, we can create content for you utilizing all the video content creators we work with.

If you want to stay ahead of the curve with this new trend, I encourage you to reach out to us – the old school way – with a phone call – no appointment needed. We’re here to help

Top Dad Influencers

We started a new initiative where roughly twice a month for the next 6 months, we will put out lists of top influencers in various categories. Our recent campaign for a book in the parenting category has inspired us to focus on Dads.

Check out our first Top 10 Dad Influencers right here. In coming months, we’ll have Top Food Influencers, Top Business Influencers and more.



Influencer Spotlight 



One of the biggest influencers in my own life arrived on January 10th, 2017. Maple Joy Aaronson. She’s only got 4 followers right now – my wife, her sister and her brother, but I’m sure that will increase as she grows up.  Her engagement is off the hook though with gazillion likes from everyone she meets. Welcome to the World, little one. May you always use your influence in a positive way




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