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The Frontlines of Influencer Marketing - December 2016 - #4

12/20/16 – We’re Looking Back at the Wild Ride of 2016 – Was America Itself Disrupted?


12/20/16 – We’re Looking Back at the Wild Ride of 2016 – Was America Itself Disrupted?


I remember being at a party in Silicon Valley in 1999, and a colleague saying “This is just the beginning. We’re about to hit a 30 year boom.” My naïve young self was so excited. I couldn’t wait for my life to blast off. Little did I know within 1 year, there would be a huge tech crash, and most of my savings would get wiped out.

Life is full of surprises, and 2016 certainly proved that, but sometimes, those surprises make us stronger. It took a while after the 2000 crash, but with a mix of re-tooling, research and some good old fashioned hard work, I survived and thrived, and eventually my own business did boom. That, in part, is what inspired me to create Boomopolis – a place to help other forward thinking businesses grow and flourish. That mission (along with seeing the results of my efforts) is what I love most about my job here.

And while technology continues to disrupt various industries (Uber – Taxis, Airbnb – Hotels, Facebook – Phone Calls with Friends), and companies like us have to constantly evolve, I hope the optimistic spirit of my 1999 colleague (a very American trait) never gets disrupted. We’re gonna fall on our ass sometimes, but eventually, we get up, learn more and keep fighting. That is what makes America truly great (that, and the fact that we can make some pretty kick-ass memes.)

Have a great holiday, and we wish you very prosperous 2017.

–Evan Aaronson (President of Boomopolis)


.Our 2016 Highlight Reel

We invite you to check out the video compilation of our best promotions of 2016. We’re very proud of the work we did for well known brands, TV & Film projects, record labels and apps throughout the year. I was also honored to be a guest on Business Rockstars and to moderate influencer marketing panels at Digital Entertainment World and Digimarcon. And as always, attendance at Vidcon and Playlist Live was a blast. More to come in 2017.

Top 5 Social Media Trends of 2016

 1. Going Live
This is the clear winner by a long shot. What started with Periscope and Meerkat quickly morphed into everyone and his brother entering this space – including smaller companies like Streamup to bigger ones like Periscope, You Now, Lively, Twitch, Facebook and just recently, Instagram. Even Twitter now lets you go LIVE.
2. Monetizing the Superfan

Are you aware that many influencers make upwards of $30K/month on the app. They simply talk to their fans from their bedroom, and when their fans provide them with fun animated emoji’s (costing the fan anywhere from a nickel to $20 each), the influencers shout out their name. The app and the influencer split the profit – not too shabby, but are the kids’ parents OK with this?

You Now, Flurry App, and Hushed App have similar models, and there are many more. The monetizing the superfan trend started with Vessel – a platform where influencers offer exclusive content which their super fans would pay a monthly fee to watch. But since then, it has exploded  to include companies like You Tube Red and many more. Will the trend continue in 2017? By the looks of what we’re seeing on, we expect it will.

3. Filters, Filters, Filters

There’s Face Swap filters, Rainbow Barf filters, Sponsored Movie Filters, and Snapchat introduced the ability for people to purchase geo-tag filters for their particular personal events such as weddings, birthdays, company outings etc. It was a filter nation in 2016


4. Blocking Out the Haters & Fake News

In order to promote positivity on their platform, Instagram introduced the ability to filter out certain keywords in your comments and to “like” comments. Twitter has also taken measures themselves such as being able to filter out notifications through choosing key words. As for You Tube, they introduced the ability to pin comments to the top of the feed and hold back inappropriate comments for review. Other platforms such as Facebook have taken a lot of heat recently with their alleged reporting of fake news regarding this year’s election – will we still see it in 2017? We shall see.

5. All Companies Being Media Companies

With the explosion of online video, more and more brands have developed their own content studios – Red Bull, Pepsi and Marriott now have a staff which handles scripted series, films, music recordings, reality shows, and other content. Many more will follow in 2017 – including maybe Facebook. According to word on the street, Facebook is readying itself to bring exclusive, original content to its platform in the form of scripted & unscripted shows sourced from media companies & digital stars.

In addition to the trends noted above, the year 2016 brought us 360 Video, VR and a whole new dynamic to all the social media platforms with their game-changing updates. We’ve witnessed the “Instagram stories vs. Snapchat stories” saga, the struggles of Twitter to attract new users, the demise of Vine (soon to be rebranded as “Vine Camera” with an easy Twitter integration), and as always, the constant changes in algorithms – not just with Facebook but Instagram too.

Instagram also put the pedal to the metal by allowing longer video content to be posted and the ability to see how many views you receive on a video post.

Snapchat was no slouch either with their gobs of new filters, cool spectacles and a brand new group chat feature which lets up to 16 friends share a conversation.

As for You Tube, creators got to have their own usernames highlighted when they respond to commenters on the site, and they can now show their fans attention by “hearting” (favoriting) the comments they want to stand out.

And what would a year in influencer marketing be without the ole’ FTC guidelines. This year saw several big brands get slapped with significant fines, so maybe putting #ad or #spon or #partner is a good idea

2016 – By The Numbers

*By 2025, half of viewers under 32 will not subscribe to a pay-TV service

*6 out of 10 people prefer online video platforms to live TV

*Sees 8 billion average daily video views from 500 million users
*Adds 500,000 new users every day
*Has 1.7 Billion Users

*Snapchatters watch 6 billion videos every day

*500 million people visit Twitter each month without logging in
*65.8% of US companies with 100+ employees use Twitter for marketing
*78 percent of people who complain to a brand via Twitter expect a response within an hour

*Has 600 million Monthly Active Users
*Over 80 million photos are uploaded each day
*More than 40 billion photos have been shared so far
*90 percent of Instagram users are younger than 35
*32% of US teens cite Instagram as their favorite social network

*In an average month, 8 out of 10 18-49 year-olds watch YouTube
*The number of hours people spend watching videos is up 60% this year, the fastest growth in 2 years
*The highest paid YouTuber made 15 million last year

*Is the fastest growing app today, especially among teen social media users
*Has around 10 million daily active users
*Has more than 80 million total users
*70% of Musically users are female

*150 million Active Monthly Users

And The Winning Social Media Platform for 2016 is…

This is a tough call. There were a lot of amazing contenders in this category. In the end, it came down to Facebook, Instagram and Musically, but the winner is….


Lengthening video times, adding Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, changing algorithms, and most importantly, increasing active users to a whopping 600 million per month did the trick. This number grew by 100 million from just six months ago.

Congratulations, Instagram! You are also leading the way for engagement over all social platforms at a rate of 70 interactions per thousand followers. Testing of influencers on all platforms shows that Instagram is in the lead as well.

A Final Thought As We Say Goodbye to 2016

America will always be the land of opportunity, and nowhere is that more apparent than social media influencers. Many of them simply downloaded an app for fun, and by simply creating engaging content, they started accumulating millions of fans, getting recognized on the street, and earning way more than their parents for way less work. But in social media, the game can change very quickly. Sure, many of them got lucky by being at the right place at the right time, but their fame can fall as fast as it rose if they don’t know the right strategies. They need to collaborate with other influencers, keep consistent with their content, be on the most engaging platforms. It does indeed become a full time job – and yes, work. Seeing some of their journeys from where I sit has been utterly fascinating, unprecedented and unique to a certain generation.

While many look at these influencers as entitled and spoiled (and many of them are), there’s still a lot they can teach us. These young people are playing the game by their own rules, and they’re winning. That’s why on Thanksgiving day, I wrote a letter to the 100+ Viners we worked with and thanked them. Not only were they actual mentors to me, they allowed me to re-look at the world with a younger set of eyes (constantly reminding me to block out all the haters –yes, there are

When I was 20 years old, there was no social media, no smart phones, and no way for a young person to creatively express himself directly to potential fans. It was a very different game back then and almost impossible to get noticed.  YouTube and especially Vine really helped take the “struggle” out of “struggling artist.”  These kids took advantage of that technology and many of them have created small fortunes from it.  It’s crazy to think that 3 years ago, I was giving them their very first brand deal, and now some of them are worth over a million dollars. The point is… new technology has opened up with a world of opportunity for anyone with an iPhone. These influencers taught us that we all have the potential to be media powerhouses. Opportunity awaits

Influencer Spotlight

Panderz takes dancing challenges on social media to a whole new level! Having just eclipsed 1.1 million followers on, he’s done promotions for numerous apps and record labels. Recently, he was seen dancing on the American Music Awards and The View – More info at: 


Boomopolis December News


We loved working on campaigns for ClapIt app and top mobile game, King of Avalon – where we activated roughly 15 different influencers and about 40 different posts were generated. We encourage you to look out for them in our 2016 compilation reel.


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